3º Communique English


We are now close to the date of contesting the process of eviction of COSA.

We chose the lawyer who will defend us and we´ve drawn our legal strategy. The possibility of using different tools in the resistance and defense of our squat is still open.

Concerning the funds collect, we received several contributions (around 1200euros) which are more than what we needed for the first stage of our legal defense. However, we know that the process will have other costs, so all contributions are welcome.

In Lisbon, on the 21 November at Disgraça and the 3 December at RDA, there will be soli dinners for COSA.

There were several messages of support and solidarity from all over the world that reached us this last month, and that shows the impact, the bonds that have been created and the history of COSA.

In Portugal, there were the benefits at CCL (Centro de Cultura Libertária in Almada) and at Disgraça (in Lisbon);

From Greece, strong words of support and a banner hanged up at the Athens University;

From Bern, Switzerland, solidarity reached us through the delicious flavor of crepes night;

From Kharkov, Ukraine, with the war next door, there was a solidarity concentration at the front door of the Portuguese embassy;

From Uruguay came a love letter of resistance and war to the state and capital;

From Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy…

We feel your warm support, Compas, and we know that this is a struggle in which we fight together.

16 November 2015

Casa Okupada de Setúbal Autogestionada


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